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The 7 Best Places for Glass Doors

The entrances that you use for your home and different rooms throughout your home or office can say a lot about you as a homeowner. This is why WaterArt specialise in glass installations for home and business use, to help you convey the right message.

One option to consider in helping make a good first impression is installing a glass door with minimal hinges and seams, for a clean and modern doors


  • Main Entryway – For most guests and visitors, this is the first place they will see, aside from the front facing of your home or business office. Make sure to make a good impression with a seamless glass door. You can also have digital art or slumped glass installed in order to provide additional privacy.
  • Back Yard – A glass door between the back of the house and the back yard is a great way to blend different parts of your property together. While inside, you’ll get a great view of your back yard. While outside, you’ll still get to see what activities are going on indoors.
  • Balcony – If you have a second story, installing a glass door for your balcony can be a great way to let natural light in and provide a view of the outdoors and sky. A glass door goes here well.
  • Patio – For some, the patio may be a part of the back yard. Installing a glass door for your patio deck is a way to seamlessly connect the indoor and outdoor living spaces for both you and your guests.
  • Bedrooms – You can bring glass doors inside as a way to enhance different rooms of the home. With the use of slumped glass and digital art, you can secure the same amount of privacy as any traditional door.
  • Home Office – Installing a glass door for your home office helps you to separate your work or study space from the rest of the home while letting plenty of natural light into the room.
  • Conference Room – If your business has a conference room, you can install glass doors and glass windows to make it an integral part of your business office space. If you prefer privacy while in the conference room, or to eliminate outside distractions, you can utilise slumped glass or digital printed art.

Have you been looking to enhance different parts of your home or office? Consider installing glass doors today.

At WaterArt, we specialise in glass installation projects of any size. No project is too small or too big and we thrive on innovative and creative projects. Contact us today to get started on creating your ideal home or office!

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