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WaterArt Glass Doors, Show the World That You Have Arrived

For well over a decade, WaterArt has been the leading innovator in glass installations and features. The company’s team may be small, but their ambitions and expertise supersedes the company’s size.

Take a look at a handful of their successful work to see for yourself!

With professional experience, leading technologies and high quality resources, WaterArt is capable of taking on projects of any size, scope and ambition. The team uses nothing but the highest quality materials and resources so that your glass installations will stand the test of time.


Nothing says “you’ve made it” like a glass door entryway acting as the gatekeeper to your home. By permitting light to enter the home, it signifies exquisite style and your true grandeur. From automated systems to manual locking mechanisms, there are many ways to keep your home secure and safe like a true gatekeeper.Glass door entryway


  • Main entryways
  • Back or side entrances
  • Indoor pools
  • Private and guest rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Patios
  • Balconies
  • Room separators
  • and many more!

WaterArt is a team of experts that specialise in glass features and installations. They use highly durable glass that features either unique designs or crystal clear glass, depending on your preference. The durability that the team uses rivals safety glass in strength, allowing you to protect your home while keeping it stylish.

Their glass specialists are committed to providing you with the opportunity to draw out your ambitious dreams and turn them into reality.

Even if you only have a general idea of what you want to do, but know that glass installations like the frameless glass door entryway, are a feature that you want in your home, WaterArt can be of assistance.

Give WaterArt a call today! The team is eager to help you build your dreams AND make them a reality.

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