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Why EnduroShield Is Right For You

As a home or business owner, we know that you’re often too busy to spend a lot of time cleaning your home or office. Even if you do have the time to spare, wouldn’t you rather be spending it on other more meaningful tasks in your day?

What if we told you that it’s possible to reduce your time cleaning so that you can spend your time doing more satisfying projects instead? Let us introduce EnduroShield to you!EnduroShield


EnduroShield is a protective coating that can be applied to all glass surfaces. This special coating has a number of benefits for any homeowner or a business owner.


EnduroShield has a number of benefits for any owner of glass, whether it’s in or outside of the home or office.

First and foremost, it can reduce your cleaning time by up to 90% on any surface that EnduroShield is applied to! This alone makes it worthwhile for anyone that has windows or other glass surfaces to protect or clean.

  • Any Glass Surface – if it’s made of glass, you can use EnduroShield no matter how new or old.
  • Greatly Reduced Cleaning Times – you can enjoy a 90% reduction in cleaning time on glass surfaces.
  • Very Easy Cleaning – just water, mild detergent and a microfiber cloth will do! No more scrubbing with toxic cleaners needed.
  • Ultra-Long Lasting – testing proves that EnduroShield can last beyond 10 years!
  • Protects Against Staining, Build-Up and Etching From:
  • Soap Scum, Body Oils, Lime Scale, Dirt, Grime, Salt, and Chlorine Spray
  • Ultra-Thin and Transparent – EnduroShield is hard to spot unless you already know it’s there.
  • Repels Water and Oil Based Stains – EnduroShield is also very useful for indoor bathrooms and shower enclosures.
  • Promotes Germ Free Environments – the protection prevents build-up of mould and harmful bacteria.
  • 3 & 10 Year Limited Warranties – 3 years for existing glass surfaces and 10 years for new glass surfaces.


As a rule of thumb, EnduroShield can be placed on any surface that is made of glass, regardless of whether its existing or a new pane of glass.

The most common applications of EnduroShield are found in the below scenarios:

  • Shower Doors
  • Exterior Windows
  • Mirrors
  • Glass Roofs
  • Glass Railings & Fencing
  • Glass Backsplashes
  • Automotive Windshields
  • Marine Glass


You can gain all of the benefits of EnduroShield on any glass surface by giving us a call at WaterArt. We work with each of our customers to understand the specific needs and situation before we get started. From there we can help you with the installation of the EnduroShield on any of your glass surfaces.

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