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4 Tips to Keep Your Glass Features Spotless

As a homeowner, keeping your home clean can be a struggle. If you have exquisite glass walls, doors and other glass features like those that the team at WaterArt provides, then you may need to spend a little extra time keeping all of them clean and spotless.

Luckily, glass is pretty easy to clean and maintain. You won’t need to spend a lot of time cleaning them if you follow our tips to keep your glass features spotless and looking pristine!EnduroShield-Poster


As specialists with handling and installing glass installations, we can also recommend a number of cleaners and techniques for cleaning your glass. Give us a call and we’ll tell you what the best kind of cleaner is, depending on the type of glass you use in your home or on your property.

Whenever you’re washing and cleaning windows, work from the top to the bottom to avoid dirtying the parts of the window that you’ve already cleaned and use soft cloths only.


When you’re cleaning, it can be tempting to use just any rag or cloth that you find laying around. This isn’t the best option, as some rags that you use will leave behind a residue, which ends up ruining the spotless appearance you’re striving for.

When gathering supplies, look for a cotton cloth that is lint-free. You’ll get a finish that is free from streaks.

If you want to go the extra mile, grab a squeegee to remove any of the remaining cleaning residue from your glass windows, walls or doors.


Some windows come installed with small stickers that get stuck to your window or maybe you have a young one that accidentally puts their stickers on the windows without you knowing.

Other debris can also get stuck to the windows, which makes it unsightly and ruins a window from being spotless. When you’ve found any debris or stickers on the window, use your cleaning solution to wet the glass. Very carefully use a small razor blade to scrape the debris off with the flat edge of the blade, so you don’t scratch the glass surface.


If you want to reduce your cleaning times and protect your glass features for many years to come, we recommend EnduroShield. EnduroShield is a special type of film that can be applied by the team at WaterArt to any of your glass doors or walls. The coating helps to keep debris, smudges, fingertips, oils and so much more off of your glass, which results in up to a 90% reduction in cleaning time!

If you need any help keeping your glass clean, give us a call today at WaterArt! We can recommend a number of different cleaning tools and solutions for effective cleaning. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, call us to inquire about our EnduroShield or about various local cleaning services that we recommend. Keep your glass spotless and call us today!

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