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How to Make Your Home Stand out in Your Neighbourhood

Everybody wants a home that they can be proud of, but some strive to be the biggest, best house on the block. With a few tips and strategies, you can become the highlight of your entire neighbourhood too, particularly if you’re looking to sell or increase the value of your existing home.

If you’re looking to stand out, be the talk of your community, and become the model home for others to strive towards, read on to learn how.


You can get your home to stand out by adding unique or exotic features to your home or yard. If you utilise our high quality glass windows, doors and walls, you can even add an exotic feature inside your home and have it displayed towards the rest of the neighbourhood.

You can use large or unique trees, gardens, light fixtures, flags and so much more. Focal features will draw onlookers eyes to your property.Glass art


Another way to stand out is to repaint your home. Take a look at the homes around you and take note of what colours are being used. If you want to stand out, paint your home with a colour that isn’t as common in your neighbourhood. You don’t necessarily need to use colours that are “out there” in order to get a unique look.


Your home will begin to stand out for as long as you’re able to keep it in pristine condition. Make sure the outdoor walls don’t have any cracks or blemishes, keep the lawn and gardens well trimmed, and keep walkways clear of leaves and debris.

If your home has large glass doors and walls, make sure the inside of your home is well maintained, too.


If you have the flexibility to alter your main entrance, make it grand. The entrance to your home will say a lot about you and your home. By making it grand and unique, you can help to set the rest of your home apart from your neighbours.

WaterArt can supply safe, durable and high quality glass walls, windows and doors for all of your main entrances. In addition, we can help to revitalise the rest of your home, both indoors and out, with glass features, fixtures and even glass art.


While it’s not necessarily as large of a change as our other suggestions, simply updating your mailbox and giving it a little flair can be a great touch to help your home stand out. You can use mailboxes with unique shapes, like boats, sea creatures, lighthouses and other related themes.

Find what goes along with your home, relates to your neighbourhood or helps to tell everyone who you are.

At WaterArt we specialise in the design and installation of high-end glass features. If you want your home to stand out in your community, give us a call today! We love taking on ambitious projects and we can help you turn your home into one that becomes a shining example of your creativity and style.

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